About Us

Grow Your Business Academy (GYBAL) is a business think tank, action incubator and network of business and thought leaders.

Gybal is set-up to support individuals, start-up entrepreneurs and early stage businesses. We provide experienced management support and guidance to individuals, budding entrepreneurs, executive teams and Organisations.

Gybal is a Community with Corporate Artisans doing great things and helping each other build their dreams and help translate innate ideas into Business Enterprises.

Unemployment is one of the biggest challenges facing our World, we want to help individuals build their skills or learn a skill that can cushion the effect and also help them become innovative and productive individuals.

Our vision is to be a leader in innovative learning and development, serving as a bridge between academic and business world with the main goal of transferring applied knowledge to young individuals and budding entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to facilitate business education and development through our platforms, programs, and courses.