The best strategy is nothing without execution, the biggest dream is worthless without action and the greatest passion without precise action has got no value. We live in a world where there are many dreamers but very few winners. This is because dreaming alone is inadequate, having potentials alone is no guarantee of success, and it is those who are habitually committed to taking the critical steps that make the needed difference.

“Ideas are cheap, ideas are easy, ideas are common, and everybody has ideas. Ideas are highly, highly overvalued. Execution is all that matters.” Casey Neistat

You don’t become successful because you have an idea, you don’t become celebrated or known because you have a unique thought, you become known when you ACT on your ideas. In the game of success, it is the WINNING ACTION that counts nothing else.

Mark V. Hurd said, “Without EXECUTION, vision is just another word for HALLUCINATION”

Efforts must be made beyond the drawing board if your strategy will give the desired results. Planning is good but it will not bring the needed success if it doesn’t translate into action. The sole reason why people dream and have no execution is because they have refused to leave the COMFORT ZONE. Nothing kills a dream like the comfort zone; a lot of people have been trapped in their safe zone and that security and comfort is always temporary and what it does ultimately is to undermine our potential and kill the drive for bigger success. The comfort zone is what kills the initiative and potentials in humans.

A lot of people remain employees for the most useful part of their lives, living on paychecks when they are endowed with a unique creative ability that can make them multi-billionaire business owners, this is because they feel safe and secured with the paychecks at the detriment of their potential.

Those who don’t leave their comfort zone don’t take the necessary steps that will make their dreams come true. When you refuse to step out, you refuse to achieve greatness; every great desire of yours is waiting outside of your comfort zone.

Execution requires stepping out in spite of uncertainties and that’s the only way to be phenomenal. The more you take new grounds, the more you move towards unprecedented success.

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