What is Stopping you

Most of us are not where we ought to be because we allowed people, circumstances and all other possible excuses stop us. We gave so much power to our past to the point that it has prevented us from embracing the future. We allowed our dreams to pass away, we left the desires of our heart unattended to, we told ourselves the lies of impossibility and we are stuck because of the lies we keep telling ourselves, we tell ourselves we don’t have what it takes, we tell ourselves we aren’t smart enough, we tell ourselves our siblings are better than us, we tell ourselves we are too sinful to be used by God, we keep lying to ourselves and prevent ourselves.

Nothing limits us like us. We are our own limitation. We are our own setback, we are our own hindrance. The day we overcome ourselves, we begin to realize how much we can accomplish.
Your excuses have been your greatest disadvantage in life; it is time to quit making excuses if you will be the best you were made to be.

Excuses naturally eliminate possibilities, you don’t succeed by telling the world why you cannot succeed, you win when you change your attitude, your words, your mindset, and believe in yourself. As far as success is concerned no excuse is valid.
Let me ask you do you think yesterday’s failures should prevent the Success of today? Do you think anything should stop you from being what you were born to be? Do you think bad experiences should prevent you from creating a brighter future?

Your life is what you make of it. You become what you passionately commit yourself to. Therefore if you desire to win in life, achieve your goals, fulfill your dreams, and live a life of relevance, you will need to rise and take charge of your attitude, quit telling yourself the wrong stories and start doing what is needful, taking responsibility and moving ahead in spite of the challenges on your path.

Challenges aren’t there to stop you, they are there to fire up your passion, drive your quest to the point of accomplishment, stir you to creativity and bring forth the potentials trapped within you. Nothing can stop you if you really want to win.

Culled from Yinkaadelani.com

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