The Power of Goal Setting Using a SMARTER Process

I believe one of the most important things in life is knowing what you want and where you are wanting to go. This can be done easily with good goal setting.

It has been scientifically proven that people without goals live a shorter time than those that do. We all need something to look forward to for our future and if it is an important ‘thing’ or experience, you need to be aware of the process necessary to achieve it.

It can be a personal or a business goal. It does not matter which, just as long as you make sure that it is not a ‘hit and miss’ goal, as happens to most people on new year’s eve as they consider what they want in their upcoming year.

A REAL goal is something that we need to make sure has certain elements to it so that it can become a reality.

I always ask myself… is it specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely, emotional and given a reward? If you can say yes to all of these, you will achieve it if you want it enough.

When I talk about these aspects it is important that continuous questions are asked.

Something what you really want will take time and effort. This means it needs to be planned. This is dependent on the size of the goal and when it needs to be completed. By breaking up in small chunks what you want to achieve will happen if the process is realistic. Usually, I like to have 90 days goals unless it is a big one that may take a year or so to achieve. These still need to have a process that can be worked through.

When you set the right goals for yourself, you should feel excited, a little nervous, and ready and willing to go for them! I suggest that you don’t select a goal you historically have chosen but never reached unless you’re in a much better position to reach it now.

So firstly, ask yourself WHY you want to achieve the goal. What are the benefits you want as a result of the goal, either personally or professionally?

It is also important that you become aware of the obstacles that are there that may stop you. Once you know what they are you can then start putting in place the people, companies, groups etc that you need to make sure the goal will happen. Is there certain knowledge and or skills that you do not have personally but will be necessary to complete the goal? If so, who can supply these?

I have always believed that a goal MUST have a completion date and there must be some type of reward for you, big or small. This is your incentive to achieve.


Article by Jennie Gorman

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