Become an Effective Leader in the Workplace

There are many skill sets that can lead to obtaining a promotion in the workplace. However, possessing skills that result in displaying effective leadership abilities is likely one of the most important skills that you can possess.

Take the financial services industry for example, you would not only display effective leadership abilities in a supervisory capacity but also from a knowledge standpoint as well; displaying to others your zeal to gain on-going knowledge in the financial services marketplace. This sets the tone for both you and your staff, with respect to keeping abreast of any changes that may take place in the macro environment, which could ultimately have an effect on your company. It creates a learning atmosphere for you as a leader and for those around you.

It takes time to develop the skills needed to become an effective leader in the workplace. Some tips regarding the traits necessary are listed below.

Qualities and Traits for Effective Leadership
Being a true leader means that you possess skills that can be demonstrated in the workplace whether you’re working in a supervisory capacity or not. It is displayed in every aspect of what you do in the work environment.

Attitude – Having a good, positive attitude is one of the most important qualities for a leader. It is important to have just the right balance to distinguish between a leader and a follower. A good leader is more results driven with the perfect balance between getting the most out of others and asserting authority in a mild yet effective way. Gone are the days where effective leaders throw their weight around and are impossible to work with; especially with the threat of comments and reviews being posted on social media. A good attitude is important and goes a long way.

Setting an Example – A good leader leads by example. They take on leadership roles by setting examples in multiple areas such as with their attitude, their attire, their language, properly assimilating into the corporate culture and good with work ethics.

Having an “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good” attitude – Nothing is worse than a leader who makes others look bad in the workplace. It’s very important to understand that a leader is the head of the team or department and if one person looks bad the entire department looks bad. So rather than focusing on making others look bad, focus on making them look good. One way to accomplish that is by giving credit where credit is due, as well as showing gratitude and appreciation for a job well done. Not only does it boost the morale but it also encourages others to continue to perform well in the workplace.

Telltale signs of a good, effective leader – One telltale sign of a good leader is if they have the ability to attract and maintain top quality talent.

Admitting when they’re wrong – It’s very important to own up to mistakes and address errors by pointing out what can be done to rectify the problem and prevent them from happening in the future.


Article by Genie Fletcher

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